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No waste should go to waste. Ever.

Everything is resources with Wasteless โ€” an AI-powered app that helps you sort correctly, gain insights and transparency into your waste, hold producers and brands accountable, and much more.

No time to waste...

Wasteless is an app that helps you to sort your waste using AI. Get started today โ€” the benefits are clear:

  • Recycle and reuse better. Less contamination of materials.
  • Support and accelerate the circular economy. Locally and globally.
  • Positive impact on the environment and climate.
  • Help local and national authorities improve their waste management.

Partners and collaborators

We're collaborating with a range of forward-thinking partners and industries for maximum impact. Reach out if you want to collaborate or partner with us.

BOFA (Regional Municipality of Bornholm)
Zero Waste Bornholm
Food & Bio Cluster Denmark

Simply point and shoot

All you need to do is point your camera at your waste, press and hold the capture button, and then release once there's a visual and haptic indication of a detection.

The result is displayed with sorting guidance adjusted to local condition, along with other relevant information.

App screen 02
App screen 03
App screen 04

We aim to refuse, reduce and reuse wherever possible.

Always improving

Through this simple process, we continuously improve the detection and classification over time. Should you have any additional feedback to the result, we highly appreciate your contribution.

Impactful insights

Personal, valuable and transparent insights.

Call for sponsors

We need your support!

By sponsoring our work you support a free Wasteless for citizens all over the world, help us innovate and create a more sustainable environment.

We accept donations from individuals, and donations/sponsorships from companies of all sizes.